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Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community

For many years, incidents of childhood sexual abuse by rabbis and teachers in the Jewish community were a well-kept secret. Recently, there has been significant attention drawn to this issue. In some cases, it has been discovered that yeshivas and other Jewish community centers allowed rabbis who had sexually abused children to continue working with youth. Our lawyers were among the first in the United States to file lawsuits against a yeshiva as a result of its failure to protect children from a rabbi with a history of child sexual abuse allegations.

In the Jewish faith, the rabbis and religious school leaders are held in high regard and children are routinely entrusted in their care. When this trust is betrayed by sexual abuse, the resulting damage can be staggering. Within certain insular Jewish communities, there is a “stigma” associated with being a sexual abuse victim. Fortunately, the silence on child abuse in the Jewish community is now breaking and survivors have the courage to come forward to report their abusers and to make a safer community.

Our attorneys have handled cases against yeshivas and temples by bringing legal claims against them for the negligent hiring, retention and supervision that led to the sexual abuse of the children entrusted to its care.


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