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Survivors Of Sexual Abuse – Now Is Your Time To Act

Families Sexually Abused Children

If you were sexually abused in New York, New Jersey, or California as a child, you now have the right to bring a claim and hold the institution (Church, School, Medical, etc.) accountable, regardless of how old you are or how long ago it happened. The window to file your lawsuit is open for a limited time only. Contact us today to learn your options.

Jeff Herman Explains Your Rights

Jeff Herman Explains Your Rights

Herman Law empowers victims by giving them a voice, along with the tools and assistance they need for themselves and their families to make decisions on how to proceed. We understand that many of the courageous people we have the honor of representing need our assistance in getting therapy, reporting their abuse to law enforcement, and building a support system. Contact us today to learn your options.

A Message For Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

You may still have a legal claim.


The shame and embarrassment that you might feel are not your burdens to bear, nor should they keep you from living the life you deserve to be living. You do not need to suffer alone and in silence. We often represent victims even when their sexual abuse or rape occurred decades ago. It may not be too late for you to pursue legal action. Let us help you take back your power and start to heal.

Roadmap to Healing

Empowerment and Protection

Shattered trust is not easily restored. Our attorneys have helped countless courageous and amazing survivors of sexual abuse and rape take back their lives and begin their healing. A civil lawsuit is only a part of the total journey. We also know that picking up the phone to call us is one of the hardest things you will ever do, but we will be there for you when you do.


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Why Herman Law?

Sex Abuse Cases Only

We exclusively represent victims in civil sexual abuse cases. Our focus on sex abuse provides us the unique ability to both understand the sensitive nature of these matters and know the law

Over $200 Million in Verdicts and Settlements

Proven track records of recovery for our client


Proactive, effective, efficient and vigorous in the way we represent our clients

Elite Team

Nationally recognized sex abuse attorney Jeff Herman leads a gifted team of former prosecutors, skilled litigators and seasoned investigators along with a compassionate support staff


We have represented over 1,000 victims in civil sexual abuse cases

Satisfied Clients

Proud to help victims become survivors


We have created innovative legal theories of recovery for our clients.

In House Special Investigative Unit

We have our own investigative team that knows how to solve sexual abuse cases

Meticulous Work

We are detailed and leave no stone unturned

Criminal Proceedings

Assistance with Criminal Proceedings

We offer legal assistance by protecting your interests with proceedings in criminal court

50 States

New York Child Victims Act

The New York Child Victims Act makes a necessary change to long standing precedent in statutes of limitations in child sexual assault cases. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has made this Act one of his top initiatives for 2018-19, and after the Legislature voted to approve the legislation on Monday Jan 28th,2019, it now heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

The Child Victims Act will extend the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse crimes to the age of 28 in criminal cases and the age of 50 in civil cases, with a one year-window to bring civil claims for victims below that age limit.

For more information on the act and if you feel that a claim can be revived, contact us today.

We Can Help You in Any State

We have a nationwide practice

Trial Attorneys

Ready, willing and able to go to trial for our clients

One-on-One Treatment

One-on-One Treatment

Personal attention with big-firm resources

Strong Reputation

Respected by defendants, known by insurance carriers and consulted by the media

Contingency Fees

Contingency Fees

Our legal fees come from your recovery. It costs you nothing to hire us


We are always available to our clients

Simplify & Empower

We make the process simple and don’t overwhelm you


We feel strongly about helping and empowering victims

Strong & Fearless

No organization too big or powerful

Free Consultations

We move at your pace and let you decide how to proceed

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Once Victims, Now Survivors

Client Testimonial 2

“If I were speaking to another family of abuse I would tell that if you are looking for someone to take you seriously, treat you with respect and integrity I would call the Herman Law firm.”

- Client Testimonial 2
Client Testimonial 1

“I hired Herman Law because, “they were just as passionate about defending my daughter’s rights as I am.”

- Client Testimonial 1
Steve Farbman PI Trial Attorney Testimonial

“I recommend Jeff Herman for sexual abuse cases based on my experience co-counseling cases with him in the past. His experience is second to none, he’s very passionate in representing victims of sexual abuse, and very compassionate when dealing with the victims and their families.”

- Steve Farbman PI Trial Attorney Testimonial

We’re Focused on Healing

Our proven & experienced process helps the victim heal and everything falls into place.

Sexual abuse occurs in many forms and affects many types of victims. Consequently, sex abuse claims are extremely varied; parents may bring a claim on behalf of a child, or adults may file a claim relating to sexual abuse they endured during childhood. No matter the details, sexual abuse claims are extremely sensitive in nature and require the attention of experienced attorneys.

Our sexual abuse attorneys have successfully handled rape and sexual abuse claims all over the United States. We are dedicated to helping victims and bringing those responsible for the abuse to justice. Our commitment to this cause even extends outside of our practice. For example, our Founding Partner, Jeff Herman, is a community advocate and works with several organizations dedicated to the prevention of childhood sexual abuse through education.

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Jeff Herman

Meet Jeff Herman

How to Effectively Interview Children


Jeff Herman is recognized as the country’s leading attorney for victims of sexual abuse. Jeff is aggressive, passionate and skilled. If you have a civil sexual abuse case, Jeff is the attorney you want representing you. As the firm’s founding and managing partner, Jeff has developed a national reputation for his powerful advocacy and unwavering dedication to his clients. He is a first-rate trial lawyer committed to empowering victims of sexual abuse to take back their lives and begin the healing process.

With over 30 years of experience, Jeff understands the tremendous challenges victims of sexual abuse encounter on their journey to recovery. He is considered to be a pioneer in the field of sexual abuse cases and has been featured on CNN, HLN, Fox News, The New York Times and many other national and international media outlets. Jeff believes that community advocacy is the key to preventing childhood sexual abuse and is involved with various organizations dedicated to protecting children from sexual abuse through comprehensive education. Jeff volunteers his time to train law enforcement on interviewing child victims of sexual abuse.

How to Effectively Interview Children