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A Law Firm for Victims of Sexual Abuse

Why Partner With Herman Law?

  • We exclusively represent victims of sexual abuse.
  • We have over 20 years of experience with sexual abuse cases.
  • We have successfully represented over 1,000 victims.
  • We understand what your client has been through, and the sensitive nature of these cases.

Types of Institutional Sexual Abuse Cases:


Referral Fees Paid

You put your faith in us when you refer a client to our firm, and we will honor a referral/co-counsel fee where allowed by state rules of professional conduct. Our referral fees present an opportunity to generate previously untapped revenue for attorneys and law firms who refer their cases to our team.

Referral Testimonial

I recommend Jeff Herman for sexual abuse cases based on my experience co-counseling cases with him in the past. His experience is second to none, he’s very passionate in representing victims of sexual abuse, and very compassionate when dealing with the victims and their families.

Steven Farbman, PI Trial Lawyer