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Herman Law has attorneys who are admitted in NY, FL and the California bar (see lawyer bios ). This allows the Herman Law attorneys, if they are not already admitted to the court, to apply to appear as attorneys of record in all 50 States of the United States and Puerto Rico, as well as all Federal District Courts, by requesting that the judge presiding over a case permit them to appear Pro Hac Vice (“for this occasion only”).

Often we do this in association with a knowledgeable local attorney in that jurisdiction who provides insight into local legal custom and practice and assists in the logistics for matters in that jurisdiction.

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Boy Scouts

Your Son May Already be at Risk.

The Boy Scouts of America is the largest youth organization in the United States. Unfortunately, it is yet another youth activity in which adult sex offenders populate in surprisingly large numbers. According to published reports there have been thousands of sexual abuse cases involving adult Scout leaders and volunteers. In the Boy Scouts, adult leaders have an opportunity and access to work closely with youth who look to them for guidance and direction. It is within the context that many young scouts are “groomed” for abuse. In a typical scenario, the incidents of abuse occur during camping trips, sleepovers, visits to the scout leaders home, or as part of an initiation process. In some cases, boy scouts leaders have been accused or convicted in one location only to reappear in another locations. Poor screening of adult volunteers has also been cited as a reason for the high rate of sexual abuse within the Boy Scouts.

Our attorneys have successfully handled multiple cases arising from the sexual abuse of children by the trusted adults involved in the Boy Scouts, including scoutmasters and volunteers.

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