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New York Child Victims Act

The New York Child Victims Act makes a necessary change to long standing precedent in statutes of limitations in child sexual assault cases. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has made this Act one of his top initiatives for 2018-19, and after the Legislature voted to approve the legislation on Monday Jan 28th,2019, it now heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

The Child Victims Act will extend the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse crimes to the age of 28 in criminal cases and the age of 50 in civil cases, with a one year-window to bring civil claims for victims below that age limit.

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Monday vote set for The New York Child Victims Act

After years of the bill consistently being blocked, victims of child sex abuse will finally have their chance to seek justice after the vote this Monday. The New York State legislature, which is now controlled by the Democrats, will officially have their chance to pass The Child Victims Act.

The act allows victims of child sex abuse a longer time period to come forward and file a claim for abuse that occurred at a younger age. Currently, the law states that a victim only has until the age of 23 to report their abuse. The new bill will allow victims to report abuse until they turn 55—a monumental change for victims across New York State.

In addition to the age limit changing, the bill would also allow a one-year window for old cases that were once unable to be brought forth to be revived and tried properly.

Victims and supporters everywhere will be watching closely as the bill comes to a vote on Monday. If you were a victim of child abuse and want to take advantage of this new act, contact Herman Law to learn how we can help you do it.

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