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May 26, 2020

Roman Catholic Diocese of Allentown Priests accused of sexually abusing kids dating back to the 1970’s

  Timothy Paul McGettigan, from Texas  claims he was sexually abused and tortured by several priests in a church basement in the 1970s. He is suing the Roman Catholic Diocese of Allentown and one of its churches, St. Catharine of Siena in Reading. The 2018 Pennsylvania grand jury report exposed the Allentown Diocese priests of unreported sexual abuse by clergy across the state, which is what gave McGettigan the idea to come forward., once he realized he was not the only victim. In the lawsuit, McGettigan alleges he was sexually abused by two priests, the Rev. Joseph Grembocki and the […]
May 13, 2020

Philadelphia Archdiocese to pay $126 to sex abuse victims in order to prevent civil suits

    The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia Independent Reconciliation and Reparations Program which was set up in 2018 to pay settlements of 615 sex absue claims  said  it expects to pay $126 million to sexual-abuse victims under the reparations program. This averages to be about $211,000 per claim which is the average of what other dioceses have been paying under such programs. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese still has @20 million in reserves to pay for the sex abuse claims and plans to raise money through property sales and loans. The  $126 million estimate was made by the diocese as […]
May 7, 2020

Diocese of Buffalo denied small business loan amid sex abuse allegations

  The Buffalo Diocese, informed 23 Buffalo priests that they will no longer receive health care as part of bankruptcy negotiations. The priests have been suspended  due to substantiated sex abuse allegations. As of May 1, the 23 Buffalo priests that have been on leave because of abuse claims have been informed by Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger  that thier regular checks from the diocese would stop. Scharfenberger wrote a letter to the priests explaining that as part of the ongoing bankruptcy negotiations, their health care was part of the expenses that have been halted due to the ongoing lawsuits of […]
May 6, 2020

Survivors of clergy sex abuse livid over release of Priest from prison due to Covid -19 fears

  COVID-19 and the halt of the judicial system is raising questions among survivors of childhood sex abuse especially those who were abused by clergy.  Michael Guidry,  a priest convicted of molesting a teenage boy is out on bail. He was only serving the first year of his 10 year prison sentence, after pleading guilty to molestation of a juvenile. Guidry’s defense counsel, Jane Hogan, requested an emergency appeal hearing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 is being used as an excuse to release prisoners during this pandemic.  Survivors of clergy sex abuse want accountability. “This perp is a dangerous […]
April 29, 2020

Priest released from prison due to COVID -19 prior to serving 10 year sentence for child sex abuse caseus uproar in community of survivors

  Michael Guidry, a priest who was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with three years suspended, after pleading guilty to molestation of a child has been released from prison. Guidry had been convicted of sexually assaulting at teenage boy was serving just one year of his sentence when he was released due to COVID-19.  His Defense counsel requested an emergency appeal, claiming that he was at risk to developing COVID019 during this pandemic.  Guidry’s attorney held a video conference wit the court and waived Guidry’s right to p\appear while  submitting an appeared before the court through video emergency motion […]
March 27, 2020

Vatican Officials to visit Mexico to investigate Sex Abuse

  Two Vatican officials who were investigating the sexual abuse allegations by Clergy will visit Mexico this month on a fact finding mission.  Archbishop Charles Scicluna  and Monsignor Jordi Bertomeu will meet with alleged victims and church leaders on this week long visit to the worlds second largest Roman Catholic country.  The Church had requested assistance fro the Vatican to help the vulnerable and young in Mexico. “We’re confident it will improve the response to these cases, looking for civil and canonical justice under the principles of zero tolerance, so that no case goes unpunished in our Church,” Miranda , […]
March 18, 2020

Former Priest, Scott Asalone, accused of sexually abusing a minor, now D.C. Councilman

  D.C. Councilman, David Grosso, issued a statement that a Catholic Priest in Northern Virginia, Scott Asalone, now age 63, sexually abused him as a teenager.  After Scott Asalone’s arrest was announced, D.C Councilman David Grosso,  issued the powerful statement; “The minor he assaulted was me.” He had more to say:  “This occurred during a very difficult time of my life. Since then, I have been working through the negative impact of this abuse on my life. With the loving support of my wife Serra and my family, I am proud of the progress I have made.” Asalone, was arrested […]
July 30, 2019

New York’s Child Victims Act Window Opens on August 14th!

The Child Victims Act Window Opens on August 14th! On August 14th, a one-year, one-time-only period will begin to allow all victims of childhood sexual abuse in New York to seek civil action, regardless of how old the victim is or how long ago the abuse occurred. This means that for one year, you may bring claims against the entities responsible for your sexual abuse, no matter how long ago the abuse occurred. In addition to the window, the Child Victims Act extends New York’s statute of limitations to allow for criminal charges against sexual abusers of children until their […]

Clergy Abuse/Day Care/Preschool/After Care

May 8, 2019

Syracuse diocese pays victims of 4 priests not on sex abuse list

According to, the Catholic Diocese of Syracuse paid settlements to four victims of priests who have not been publicly named to a list of child sex abusers. The diocese said it previously did not have enough information to act on claims against four priests. The four accusers, however, were among 88 people the diocese invited to participate in an independent compensation program, which found they deserved to be paid settlements. The Syracuse diocese announced last week it had paid $11 million to 79 victims of child sex abuse suffered at the hands of clergymen. Four of the 79 people accused four […]
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