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April 10, 2020

NY Senators ask colleagues to extend Child Victims Act amid COVID-19

Advocates of the Child Victims Act (CVA) as well as child abuse victims themselves are currently urging lawmakers to extend the lookback window of the  Child Victims Act (CVA) for another year, which would give adult victims of childhood sexual abuse more time to file legal actions against their perpetrators. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 putting a halt to all non essential cases, which includes any CVA proceedings, the challenge for victims has now decreased their time frame from a one year window to a matter of months. CVA advocates and victims are pushing lawmakers to extend their CVA window as part […]
April 7, 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic wreaks havoc on survivors seeking justice under the CVA but it will be worse unless the CVA is extended.

  The Coronavirus Pandemic wreaks havoc on survivors seeking justice under the CVA but it will be worse for survivors who have not yet come forward unless the CVA is extended. Herman Law represents over 500 survivors who were sexually abused as children in New York and are seeking a measure of justice under the New York Child Victims Act.  Many survivors fall into the vulnerable category of potential victims in the pandemic and wonder whether they will ever see justice in their lifetimes.  The courts are virtually shut down and survivors wait and wonder when their legal actions will […]
March 31, 2020

CORONAVIRUS imperative- extend the Child Victims Act

     Linda Rosenthal, the Assemblywoman, and Sen. Brad Hoylman are looking to extend the window for the Child Victims Act another year. Now lawmakers in Albany needs to pass it.  THis allows survivors of childhood sexual abuse to come forward at any age to file a civil lawsuit against their abusers and any institutions that either enabled the abuse or did not investigate or report it. The Coronavirus crisis has closed state courts and halted non essential filings which has taken a huge toll n survivors pf sex abuse who have not yet filed.  Statistically it is shown that […]
March 31, 2020

Child Sex Abuse survivors write letter to Governor Cuomo urging to extend window of Child Victims Act

    Herman Law has created a petition to urge Governor Cuomo to include an extension of the Child Victims Act (CVA) lookback window in this year’s budget. (Click here for link to sign and pass along : http://chng.it/FMLsZ4cpjs ) We are not the only ones looking to extend this window as dozens of advocates and survivors of sex abuse across New York State have singed a letter to the Governor urging him to extend this deadline. This lookback window that was passed in August 2019  allows victims of childhood sex abuse, regardless of their age now,  a one year […]
March 26, 2020

Courts in New York halt hearings may effect Child Victims Act

  One of the country’s largest and busiest court system, in New York, has stopped filing and cases that aren’t essential. The New York court system said it will begin holding virtual hearings all in response to the COVID-19. Judge Lawrence Marks, the New York Chief Administrative Judge ordered county clerks across the state on Sunday to allow only filings that were essential which included criminal, child protection and housing cases that were urgent.  Saying “extraordinary times like these call for extraordinary measures,” Marks and Chief Judge Janet DiFiore also said New York City would start holding criminal and family […]
March 6, 2020

Popular New Age author Marc Gafni molested 13-year-old girl in 1980, lawsuit says

  Before the Child Victims Act back in august of this year, a New York woman spent years unable to do anything but watch helplessly as the New Age author she says molested her as a child admitted and defended his conduct to Dr. Phil and The New York Times — until last month, when she sued him in Manhattan Supreme Court, thanks to the new Child Victims Act look back window. Sara Kabakov claims popular New Age thinker Marc Gafni — born Marc Winiarz — repeatedly sexually assaulted her  in 1980 when she was 13 and he was a […]
August 14, 2019

Woman Alleges Nun Sexually Abused Her at Catholic Orphanage – St. Colman’s

Our brave client Susanne Robertson shares her story.  NBC NEWS – TO VIEW THE FULL ARTICLE CLICK HERE. Nun sexually abused me at Catholic orphanage, woman says By Aliza Nadi, Emily Siegel, Anne Thompson and Rich Schapiro Susanne Robertson has devoted much of her life to sounding the alarm over the horrific abuse she says she suffered at a New York orphanage more than 50 years ago. A maintenance man sexually assaulting her in a boiler room. A nun violating her with a Lysol-soaked rag. For nearly 25 years, her efforts to force a reckoning on the St. Colman’s Home near […]
August 8, 2019

Flood Of Child Sex Abuse Lawsuits Expected To Hit NY Next Week

NEW YORK (WNYC/Gothamist) Next Wednesday, adult survivors of child sex abuse in New York will begin filing a flood of civil lawsuits against institutions and individuals, after decades of having their cases barred from court because the allegations were too old. Hundreds of plaintiffs are expected to sue organizations large and small, including Catholic dioceses and parishes, the Boy Scouts of America, hospitals and educational institutions. The one year window was enacted under the Child Victims Act that lawmakers passed in January, and intended as a partial remedy to the state’s previous statute of limitations, which required victims to bring civil cases […]
August 6, 2019

Change to New York Sex-Abuse Laws Expected to Spur A Wave of Lawsuits

NEW YORK (The Wall Street Journal) Just before Stephen Erickson died of cancer late last year, he got permission from a judge to speak under oath about a school janitor who he said sexually abused him beginning in seventh grade. “Over and over again,” Mr. Erickson, 55 years old, said from his hospital bed in Albany, N.Y. Mr. Erickson gave his deposition in anticipation of the passage of the Child Victims Act, a state law extending the time for victims to file lawsuits against their abusers and the institutions that employed them. His deposition was one of many preparations for […]
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