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Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate Executors want to dismiss CVA lawsuit based on age


The estate executors of Jeffrey Epstein are trying to get a lawsuit that was filed under the  Child Victims Act to be dismissed based on the premise that the alleged abuse occurred when the victims were adults, new court papers have documented.

This filing for the Epstein estate relates to nine women who had claimed that the now deceased Epstein was a pedophile and sexually  abused them between 1985 and 2007. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit include those who say they were as young as 13 during the alleged time fo sexual abuse. 
The executors of Epstiens estate, Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, had filed documents requesting a Judge to throw out the case because “the extremely thin allegations asserted by all of the Plaintiffs fail to state a claim and are time-barred in any event as each of these assaults alleged to have been committed by Jeffrey E. Epstein… now deceased, against these Plaintiffs occurred between 13 and 35 years ago.”

The original lawsuit was filed under the new law, the Child Victims Act, which allows victims of childhood sex abuse who had previously not been able to come forward because the window of the statue of limitations had passed, to now be able to come forward for  a one year period.  

The lawyers for Epstiens estate claim that  “six of the nine plaintiff ….were over the age of eighteen when the alleged offenses occurred,” 
The victims lawyer, Jordan Merson, claims that it does not matter the age and that even the women who were older than 18 during the alleged abuse were still allowed to sue since the criminal case filed against the multi millionaire, Epstein., also opened the window of statue of limitation to them. 
Merson said, “While none of their arguments have a scintilla of merit, the fact they are even trying to do this confirms that further statute of limitation reform is needed by the NY State legislature.”

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