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Sexual Abuse at Day Care

A working parent's worst nightmare.

Child day care is an essential service for the typical household with working parents.  These families rely upon a day care facility to provide a safe environment for their children.  Unfortunately, it is all too common to see a day care facility cut corners or act with sloppiness and ignorance when it comes to supervising the children entrusted to its care.  In some cases, the day care fails to conduct a proper background investigation on its employees, hiring them to work with children when in fact, they are sexual predators.  In other cases, the day care accepts a child with behavioral problems it knows will create a risk to the other children.  Our lawyers have also represented children sexually abused by a teenage visitor at the day care who was left alone without supervision and had unlimited access to the pre-kindergarten class. 

Our attorneys have successfully handled cases against day care facilities by bringing legal claims for negligent hiring, retention and supervision  arising from the sexual abuse of children entrusted to its care.