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More victims come forward in Portland sexual assault case at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center

By Jeff Herman
July 12, 2013

Jeffrey McAllister, accused of sexual assault at Legacy Emanuel hospitalPortland police say additional victims have come forward since a former nurse at Legacy Emanuel hospital was charged with sexual assault.  

According to the Oregonian, Jeffrey Neyle McAllister, 38, pleaded not guilty Thursday to 11 charges including first-degree rape, first-degree sex abuse, and first-degree sodomy.

At the present date, McAllister is accused of sexually assaulting three female patients in private rooms in the Legacy emergency room.

One of the alleged victims, Susan Graham, told the Oregonian that she first reported the sexual assault to police on January 17, but she was not contacted by a detective again until April.

Graham also told the Oregonian she believes she was targeted by McAllister and dismissed by police because she is a recovering opiate addict with a criminal record.

Although I don’t have enough information to comment on the investigation conducted by Portland police, I will say that many of the victims I represent in sexual abuse cases around the country have expressed feelings very similar to those described by Susan Graham.

When a person is sexually assaulted or raped, they often feel a total loss of power.

Sexual predators are drawn to places where they will have access to potential victims who may already be vulnerable, so when an already vulnerable person becomes a victim of sexual assault, they feel like whatever power or control they had was taken away from them.

This makes it increasingly difficult for the victim to report the abuse they suffered.

I applaud the brave victim in this case for speaking up so that other women may be protected from a dangerous predator. Despite her disappointment in the handling of the initial investigation, I hope this survivor knows that by standing up and exposing a predator, she has empowered many other victims who may have otherwise suffered in silence.