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New York Archdiocese IRCP Explanation

By contacthermanlaw
October 27, 2016

In an attempt to get ahead of legislation that would lift the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse cases, the Archdiocese of New York has established a settlement program for victims.

The settlement program, spearheaded by independent mediator Kenneth Feinberg, is currently applicable only to those who have previously filed abuse claims with the archdiocese. With the goal of quietly settling this claims, those who agree to compensation from the fund will be required to sign a release forgoing the right to sue the archdiocese over sexual abuse allegations.

“I recommend that before you do anything - before you give any information to the Archdiocese of New York - contact a lawyer and find out your legal rights,” said Jeff Herman, prominent sexual abuse attorney of Herman Law.

ALERT: Bright Horizons Deerfield Preschool Sued for Sexual Abuse

By Jeff Herman
October 26, 2016
JEFF HERMAN (, a nationally-recognized attorney for victims of sexual abuse, announces the filing of a lawsuit against BRIGHT HORIZONS CHILDREN’S CENTERS and BERNARD BENTA for the sexual abuse of a four-year-old boy by day care worker BERNARD BENTA.

How Can I Protect My Children From Predators At Theme Parks?

By contacthermanlaw
October 25, 2016

If you are preparing to take your family to a theme park and are concerned about keeping your kids safe from predators, you are right to be cautious and worried. Theme parks do not just attract families looking for an adventure. Anywhere you can find children, child predators can be found, too; and theme parks are no exception. Not only do theme parks attract potentially dangerous visitors, they also attract predators and molesters who seek employment at these parks as a way to have regular and easy access to our kids. According to the Huffington Post, many Disney Employees have been arrested over the years and accused of sex crimes involving children. As scary as that may be, your family can still enjoy a day at the theme park. You just need to err on the side of caution and take a few extra steps to keep your kids safe. Steps To Keep Your Child Safe at Theme Parks The best thing you can do is communicating the dangers of sexual predators with your kids. It is a reality

Teacher charged with sexual abuse

By Thao Le
October 24, 2016

A teacher at Bishop McDevitt High School is facing institutional sexual assault charges for allegedly having inappropriate relationships with two students, reports The Sentinel.  Jeff Herman, a nationally-recognized attorney for victims of sexual abuse, said: "I hope the school is working closely with authorities.  In order to protect our children, we must work together to expose predators."

Day care owner charged with sexually abusing child

By Jeff Herman
October 19, 2016

A former day care owner is facing allegations of sexually assaulting a child in her care, and Anchorage police are concerned there could more victims out there, reports the Alaska Dispatch News.  Jeff Herman, a nationally-recognized attorney for victims of sexual abuse, said: "Although we want to believe that our child's day care is a safe environment, that is not always the case so parents need to be vigilant.  I applaud the young child for being so brave and telling her mom.  It is because of her bravery that Orand was exposed and can no longer do this to other children."

Mitchell's Martial Arts instructor charged with sex abuse

By Jeff Herman
October 18, 2016

A Mitchell's Martial Arts instructor is accused of having sexually abused at least three teenage girls, reports Delmarva Daily Times.  Jeff Herman, a nationally-recognized attorney for victims of sexual abuse, said: "Bennett was in a position of power and trust and he abused that by slowly grooming them and then victimizing them.  Although it must have been extremely intimidating and scary, I am glad the victims came forward.  Only with full disclosure can one begin the healing process."

Athletic coach charged with sexual abuse

By Jeff Herman
October 17, 2016

A paraprofessional and athletic coach at Edison Career and Technology High School has been charged with sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child involving an incident with an East High School student last year, reports the Democrat and Chronicle.  Jeff Herman, a nationally recognized attorney for victims of sexual abuse, said: "It would pose a big problem for the school if they did not conduct a thorough investigation after the initial allegations and allowed this predator back into the school with full access to other kids.  All staff and administrators of the school must take every allegation seriously to prevent others from being victimized."


Day-care provider arrested on sex abuse allegations

By Jeff Herman
October 13, 2016

A day-care provider has been arrested on suspicion of sexually molesting a young girl, reports The Davis Enterprise.  Jeff Herman, a nationally-recognized attorney for victims of sexual abuse, said: "I come across cases like this quite often in my practice.  Parents drop their kids off at daycare thinking it is a safe enviroment but men like Letelier abuse that trust by preying on these innocent kids.  I encourage parents to stay vigilant and alert the authorities or a supervisor if something seems suspicious." 

Ex-daycare employee turns himself in after child sex abuse allegations

By Jeff Herman
October 11, 2016

A former day care worker, accused of sexually abusing a 5-year-old boy, tuned himself in to police, reports KUTV.  Jeff Herman, a nationally-recognized attorney for victims of sexual abuse, said: "I applaud the young boy in this case for being so brave and telling his mom.  Now he has the support of family in his journey to healing."

Colorado Springs man sentenced to 19 years for child sexual abuse

By Jeff Herman
October 10, 2016

A Colorado Springs man who pled guilty to sexually abusing five young girls at his wife's day-care service was sentenced to 19 years to life in prison, reports The Colorado Gazette.  Jeff Herman, a nationally-recognized attorney for victims of sexual abue, said: "Comments made by Frey that the victims enjoyed it are horrendous and appalling.  As difficult as it must have been for the victims and their families to sit through trial and listen to the vile statements made, I hope his sentence will be the first step in helping everyone begin the healing process."